The London Showband

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The London Showband has an incredible history that spans more than 40 years and 2 generations.  


Since 1972 Paul Ringham, and later his son Warren, have managed the band - taking it all over the UK and abroad to cover the very top functions in the world.


The band has performed at all the top venues in the UK and the number of high profile musicians that have appeared with the band over the years is staggering.  Have a look at our HISTORY page to see!


Only employing the very top professional musicians from UK Orchestras, Bands, Session and West End musicians, this gives the band an unbelievably polished and tight sound.


What really sets The London Showband miles apart from any other party/function band, is the energy and enthusiasm that goes in - not only to the music, but to the visual side of the performance.


The Brass section have spent hours perfecting their choreographed routines and this slick, funny, cool and polished sight gets any crowd going.


The Band know just how to pack every dance floor - from small intimate parties to massive corporate events, they have shown time and again they have the grooves and moves to make any event complete.

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